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The Follies is a core feature of ACBS conferences. At the Poznan conference it will take place on the Tuesday 29th May 2018 night from around 8.30 pm. Place will be announced soon.
Follies is an unusual conference banquet, other than a traditional exchange of contacts. Basically it's a cabaret show, filled with funny songs, sketches, stand-up comedy routines, humorous PowerPoint presentations, premade videos, etc. And all of this funny and talented content is created by delegates for delegates!

There are very few rules regarding the content - Firstly it has to be short (around 3 minutes is perfect. Longer and the shepherd's crook will be sweeping you off the stage!) Secondly, any aspect of ACT, Mindfulness, Behaviourism, therapy, RFT, CBS or any of the people you know in the ACT, CBS Community is fair game to be (gently and kindly) mocked.

The Follies actually comes from an important tradition: in the past "The Truth" was what an authority deemed to be true. Then science came along and people started to look to their direct observations to determine what was true. But of course, human beings being as we are and loving to categorise things in hierarchies, began to automatically create hierarchies of people who could directly observe what was true and hence we have scientific authorities. The purpose of the Follies is to ensure that no idea, and no person in this community who has an idea, is immune to question, playfulness, challenge.

So delegates: get your creative powers focussed, anything you have seen in the ACT world that deserves to be made fun of is fair game. Produce your sketches, songs, PowerPoints, stand ups and either email to ensure We have your name down for a place in the Follies or come and see registration point during the conference (Hurry you only have the first day to do it).

Our top tips are: if you have a funny song, produce a Powerpoint with the lyrics so people can see and sing along.
As a taster, and to inspire you to action here are some superbly talented videos that have been shown at previous ACBS Worldcons:

We also ensure that the bar and the Swedish table located in the place of Follies will dispel all illusions about the (previously hidden?) Stage and artistic abilities.

Participation in Follies:

updated: 2018-05-20